Re: Finishing cedar.

Jamie Orr

I have cedar coamings on my boat.  When refinishing, I used the recommended primer under the paint, then paint.  It peeled off in less than a year.  I took it down to bare wood again, and sealed it with System Three's S-1 and painted again.  It's still good as new two years on.  A professional boatbuilder told me that cedar doesn't hold paint well but the S-1 is an excellent primer for it - I don't see why varnish would be different.  BTW, he also told me that S-1 should be allowed to sit for an hour after mixing and before using.  That helps get the reaction started so it cures properly and in a reasonable time.  I've since heard from another source about letting it sit for a while (time unspecified so I'll stick with an hour).


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I'm building a squaredrop trailer kinda like this picture. I want to trim it in cedar & I've never worked with it before. Do I epoxy it then varnish or varithane it or can I leave out the epoxy? Cedar has oils that are not compatible with a lot of stuff. Expert? 

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