Re: New requirements coming for ECOS use on boats less than 26’

Gerard Mittelstaedt

I am waiting for a "kill switch" requirement for my sail!
Texas already has a "kill switch" law.
I have not used my old 4 hp British Seagull in years. - Wonder how one would
rig a kill switch to it. Hmmm. perhaps a ground to the spark plug - that might
be exciting !
- Gerard Mittelstaedt
McAllen, TX

On Fri, Mar 19, 2021 at 4:38 PM John Kohnen <> wrote:

The wireless kill switches are sure a good idea but, alas, they _are_
expensive. <sigh> A couple hunnert bucks for this one:

Most of us Coots won't get nabbed by the CG, because we won't be running
our boats above displacement speed. Andrew won't have to worry when he's
planing around the lake in his Daysailer because he'll be under sail. <g>

On 3/19/2021 9:07 AM, Rich G wrote:
I hope we can work out extensions to the cut off lanyard so we’re not
glued to the transom.
John <>
Laws are like cobwebs which may catch small flies, but let wasps and
hornets break through. (Jonathan Swift)

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Gerard Mittelstaedt --
McAllen, Texas

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