Re: New requirements coming for ECOS use on boats less than 26’


That won't have much effect on most Coots. It only applies while operating above displacement speed. Curious wording in the announcement though -- there are lots of yahoos who operate their boats above displacement speed in no-wake zones. <sigh>

The article states that wireless devices are now available that'll kill the motor if you fall in. If they're not expensive that might increase compliance with the law. It's certainly a Good Idea to have a way to kill the motor when the operator goes overboard.

"[The] Elijah E. Cummings Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2020 requires individuals operating covered recreational vessels (less than 26 feet in length, with an engine capable of 115 lbs. or more of static thrust, which equates to about 3 horsepower or more) to use ECOS “links” while operating on plane or above displacement speed. Using the ECOSL is not required when the main helm is installed within an enclosed cabin. Common situations where ECOSL use would not be required include docking/trailering, trolling, and operating in no-wake zones."

On 3/19/2021 4:10 AM, Case wrote:
The coast guard is going to require operators of boat 26ft or less with motors over 3hp to actually use the ECOS (engine cut off switch) lanyard or system.
Some states already require this but not all.
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