Looks like solar cells are better !!


With the newer solar panels on Amazon, I see 10 amp at 24 volt in a size that fits Surprises aft deck.  In fact 2 panels ( 21 by 41 in. ) will fit easy and still open as designed for access.  My cruise speed uses about 10 amp on the battery, so two panels ought to do, even on slightly cloudy days.  With my two 24 volt batt. packs, that could equate to running as long as I could stand to sit and cruise.  The panel cost is now down to $ 70. 00  each -- which is just about what a battery costs at bi Mart.  With my heavier duty fork lift # 27 size, that's about enough to fill in the gap even better, for safety's sake on the water. 

I was looking to add batts. and still could, but now I think the floor space, and weight savings with better panel cost will make this a better deal to try first, when added to my current run time on a good boating day.  This could well save having to go to way more expensive (but lighter) battery types, after all there is a limitation on how long the boating day is, and most don't choose to run at night much,  Answers the most asked question about the boat as well.   

Just a thought on the newer square cell and flexible panels , they look good,  see Ya !!  ----  Cal

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