Re: Full Steam Ahead at Toledo


I hope not too much "star power". <g> The plan is for a get-together --
dare I say "messabout? <g> -- for the boat nuts: Coots, Retired Old Geezers, steamers and other past exhibitors; to keep the enthusiasm and momentum going. We don't want to attract crowds. But I expect only a few steam nuts will show up. Stephanie isn't gonna be advertising the event, just putting the word out by email. I'm talking about it out in the open here, but won't be putting anything in the Coot page on the Interweb or the "official" schedule.

If you're wondering why Bud isn't relaxing at his villa in France, he said the Covid is much worse there than in Lincoln County, and besides the Port is paying him as a consultant to help with the transfer of power.

On 3/15/2021 8:35 AM, Dan in Almostcanada wrote:
Now, there's STAR POWER ferya...
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