Full Steam Ahead at Toledo


Bud called me. Alas, it's looking like there won't be a full-blown Toledo Wooden Boat Show in August. We'll see for sure in a few months, but...

So, falling back to smaller options, we're still invited to a gathering of the boat nuts on the docks that weekend. Bud talked to Stephanie, sparkplug (do steamboats have sparkplugs? <g>) of the NW Steam Society, and she was excited about coming to Toledo for the get-together. I think she's getting stir crazy. <g> Would that be OK with you Coots? I think we all enjoyed having the steamers and their boats when they came a few years ago.

John <jkohnen@boat-links.com>
Steam is the friend of man. Steam engines are very human. Their very weaknesses are understandable. Steam engines do not flash back and blow your face in. They do not short-circuit and rive your heart with imponderable electric force. They have arms and legs and warm hearts and veins full of warm vapor. Give us steam every time. You know where you are with steam. (William McFee)

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