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Dan hasn't survived the winter yet -- there was till snow on the ground when I talked to him the other day. He and Jamie have been spending a lot of time out in the driveway sitting in Walkabout to get away from all the women in the house. ;o)

The "Jungle" is the old channel of Coyote Creek in the southeast corner of Fern Ridge. It winds through a jungly forest with Spanish moss draped trees, then comes out into an open marsh. A nice place to visit. In a small sailboat you can get up there in an hour and a half, or two, then take the rest of the day to beat back to the parks at the north end of the lake against the summer afternoon north wind . <g>

If you don't have a boat you can sleep aboard, there's camping at Richardson Park, and transient moorings:

On 3/13/2021 10:41 AM, Pete L wrote:
Dan - The jungle?
Don't have a boat to bring, though. Not of that size.
By mid-April, our second shot should've taken effect and we should be good to go, though.
Glad to see you survived the winter! (grin)
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