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I get my second jab on the 28th! :o) Right now it's still a hectic process to get an appointment for the jabs. Pity the poor people who don't have access to the Interweb, or aren't good with technology, or whose mind and fingers aren't quick enough. <sigh> When Mary tried to get an appointment with Lane County Public Health she found that when she chose a slot, somebody else got it while she was filling out the form! Fortunately, she persisted and got lucky. She got her first jab Sunday.

A friend of my sister has a friend who's a pharmacist, so my sister got news that Albertson's/Safeway was getting some doses and called me. After trying several of the stores, and getting beat out like Mary did a few times, I got myself an appointment at a Safeway. That's a heck of a way to get the jabs! You shouldn't have to know someone who knows someone who knows where the vaccine is available, and then be fast and lucky enough to get one of the appointments. <sigh>

With more doses becoming available, maybe the process for getting a jab will get easier. I sure hope so. As more groups get eligible, the folks who are having trouble now getting appointments are going to be competing against more, and younger and more nimble, people for the available jabs. <sigh>

Right now there are a lot more people who want the vaccine than there are doses to go around. In coming months we'll get more doses and get most of them vaccinated, somehow. But to get back to something like "normal" we need to get just about _everybody_ vaccinated. Don't get me started on the people who _don't_ want the vaccine... I've already been getting too "political". <g>

Good luck getting your jabs!

On 3/10/2021 8:46 PM, Hank wrote:
I would sure hope by August everyone would have the vaccination so that great show can be held.  All you coots doing your part in getting the vaccine?
Just started mine last Monday!  It was fast and easy.
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