Re: Toledo Wooden Boat Show


I hear you there Cal, if the show is for real this year I may put my boat in it. I've been working on my boats also. It's the only time I get out on the water even though I'm tied up to a dock.

On Thu, Mar 11, 2021, 9:19 AM Electri-Cal <calboats@...> wrote:
Would be great to do the Toledo show again.  I would like to be in the water this time, but so much depends on scheduling, and health, that it's hard to predict that far out.  Just got my covid card, so all is well there.  Working on Surprise and using her is high on my list too.  Been out 3 times so far and weather was superb at Dexter lake, might get to the coast  lakes yet.  Battery understanding has helped a lot, good news for the last few runs as my sitting quietly, and "potttie time" runs out just about covers the time to switch to the other pack and head for the dock. 

 I need to finish up newer additions for better weather comfort, and the underwater camera installation.  Mixed rewards there, sorta like you have to do the whole thing, before you see the full real benefit.   

Gotta do a few things, so long Coots,   Cal

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