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I would sure hope by August everyone would have the vaccination so that great show can be held.  All you coots doing your part in getting the vaccine?

Just started mine last Monday!  It was fast and easy.


On Wed, Mar 10, 2021 at 12:06 PM John Kohnen <jkohnen@...> wrote:
I attended the planning meeting this morning. Everybody's hoping that we
can have a boat show with all the trimmings this year, but nobody's
crystal balls are good enough to show how the Pandemic will be doing in
August. A date was set for a decision on whether to have a relatively
full-blown show -- the June 9th planning meeting.

But _something_ will happen the third weekend in August. In the next few
months we'll discuss various degrees of activity that we could do if we
can't have a "real" Boat Show. Bud suggested that a weekend gathering of
the Coots and other exhibitors, down on the docks with our boats, would
be a good way to keep the enthusiasm and momentum going. A
little-publicized messabout, with a fire and maybe a barbecue, camping,
and of course a boat trip, or trips, somewhere. I think that's a Great
Idea. :o)

If you've got any ideas for some degree of "boat show" between a mere
messabout and the whole shebang throw it out here and we can kick it
around. I can pass on any good ideas at the next meeting on the second
Wednesday in April.

But I hope we can have a "real" show. I'll keep you updated on what's

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