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"Classic" is often used to describe a show for interesting boats. Like the recent Worldwide Classic Boat Show. I noticed some "classic" fiberglass boats in the show, so I submitted Tuffy, and they let her in. The I was browsing through the boats and came across an old 13' Boston Whaler! I suppose it is a "classic" on the sense that Boston Whaler made a big splash when their iconic outboard boats came out, and this one had been lovingly restored. I suppose going "classic" could be a slippery slope... <g>

A couple of memorable events in my youth occurred in a little bit bigger Boston Whaler. A 16-footer, IIRC. The first time I saw killer whales, and the time we ran out of gas and got caught in a tidal whirlpool.

On 3/10/2021 3:36 PM, Claire wrote:
Maybe as part of an effort to build attendance and support, just call it "Beautiful Boats" or "Great Boats" or if there is a size limit "Great Small Boats" and leave the wooden designation for another year?
hope something happens...
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