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That came up in the meeting. Not to increase participation, but because somebody mentioned putting the Yaquina Queen on the poster, if there is a show that deserves a poster. The trouble is that the YQ is fiberglass! <g> She's an about 24' German lifeboat that the Retired Old Geezers have been revamping as a gentleman's motor launch (I think they missed a great opportunity by not going electric), with bench seats around the cockpit and a fabric top with fringe around the edges. Bud said the show has never _really_ been just wooden boats anyway. We've had fiberglass steamboats, a steel submarine, a steel MLB, kayak rolling demos with plastic kayaks... Before I bought Tuffy, I talked Bud into letting her be an honorary wooden boat if George wanted to take her to the show. So _maybe_, just to justify putting a plastic boat on the poster, the show will officially become an event for interesting boats of any material. ;o)

On 3/10/2021 3:01 PM, Rich G wrote:
Boat show or wooden boat show? A regular boat show would have the potential to encourage more participation.
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