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A perusal of the Marhst-L archive came up with this:

Bill Bunting:

"Although the North Atlantic is one of the most hazardous of oceans the American-built ships that ended up in the Canadian/UK timber trade in the late 1800s were usually well into their dotage and under another flag, very often Norwegian and thus fitted with a windmill pump, per Norwegian law. I suspect that many had previously been under a German flag -- when American square-riggers had lost the blush of youth they were commonly sold at Hamburg into the trans-Atlantic barreled oil trade, which was a year-round trade. German captains were very proud of their "petroleum klippers“ and particularly liked the commodious cabins."

I wonder what the Norwegian law was about. Surely it wouldn't have required wind-powered pumps on all sailing ships, no matter their afe and condition. But one would probably have to be able to read Norwegian to find out. <g>

Jim Shuttleworth:

"The windmill is probably an Onker. A SCANDINAVIAN device to pump the
bilge. I have a painting of Dashing Wave with one, 1902, inbound off San Francisco by C. Volquards. I have seen photos of other vessels with them. There were many Scandinavian sailors on US West Coast."

A separate search of the Interweb found an article claiming that Dashing Wave's windmill was her skipper's (named Morehouse -- not very Scandihoovian) invention, but I'll bet he cribbed the idea from the Norwegians. <g>

Another image of an ancient ship with a windmill pump:

On 2/19/2021 6:36 AM, Pete L wrote:
now, here is an interesting sentence from the book "A Floating Home"...
"A barque, such as is often bought by a Norwegian trader in timber, and spends her remaining days being pumped out by a windmill on deck..."
Any local knowledge on using small windmills to pump bilge water?
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