Windmills used to pump bilges

Pete Leenhouts

now, here is an interesting sentence from the book "A Floating Home"...

"A barque, such as is often bought by a Norwegian trader in timber, and spends her remaining days being pumped out by a windmill on deck..."

Any local knowledge on using small windmills to pump bilge water? 


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John McCallum is "walking on air" because he discovered a glossary of
Duwamish words for the various parts of a canoe in the Survivor Library. :o)

Now he's just gotta find someone who can figure out how to pronounce them...

Thanks again, Myles.

On 2/16/2021 1:08 PM, John Kohnen wrote:
> Much more than just shipbuilding in this collection. Thanks, Myles.
> or

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