Bringing Nelson back to life


Digital jiggery-pokery starting with his death mask...

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Subject: Bringing Nelson back to life
Date: Sun, 14 Feb 2021 18:09:43 -0000
From: Nicholas Blake
Reply-To: Marine History Information Exchange Group <MARHST-L@LISTS.QUEENSU.CA>

As part of the podcast series special on the Battle of St Vincent the
Society for Nautical Research commissioned a video that uses artificial
intelligence and digital artistry to bring Nelson back to life. The results
are extraordinary. This is definitely something that can be applied to other
historical sources. Does anyone have any suggestions of other
maritime-related death masks, or important and interesting busts or

You can see the video here:


N. Blake

John <>
As for myself, the wonderful sea charmed me from the first. (Joshua Slocum)

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