Solent Stay (was: Jove got a bigger boat.)


I forgot to mention that Tuffy came with an uninstalled roller furler. Kendall says it could be used as a roller reefer, but I don't like what that would do to the sail shape. A big Genny on the furler and a "Solent stay" for smaller jibs might be an option...

On 2/10/2021 9:27 PM, I wrote:
I've been toying with the idea of something like that for Tuffy, so I can use different jibs without having to climb out on that tiny foredeck. One of my ideas is to use high-tech low-stretch line for the jib halyard, and the same line for a tack downhaul leading back to near the cockpit. The jibs would have wire of low-stretch line in their luffs. I've got a cute little bronze winch that could set the halyard, or downhaul, up tight enough so the whole works takes the strain off the headstay, acting as an "acting" headstay and, hopefully, keeping the jib luff tight enough. To change jibs, I'd slack the downhaul and halyard, pull the sail back to the cockpit, and swap sails. When I go get Tuffy's mainsail back from Kendall I should ask him of I'm crazy. <g>
But this year I'll just try to be happy with the little jib, and the newly loose-footed mainsail. :o)
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