Re: Fern Ridge Dam Closing Ceremony, Saturday, the 6th


Too bad you couldn't make it, Elaine. We had a good turnout, Fern Ridge sailors and a few Coots. The ceremony went well enough, I think. Somebody who had a slip at Orchard Point last year opened the gate so we could get down on the docks and spread out. I sacrificed some Dos Equis* to some rain gods, and people poured water into the lake to prime it. Then we had a good BS session. :o) pardon the poor pictures -- people were spread out.

I sure hope the ceremony worked. It'll sure feel good to have a nice long sailing season on the lake.

*The Dos Equis had been sitting at the back of my refrigerator for a couple of _decades_, at least. The aging did it good; it was delicious! :o) Does require some patience, though. <g>

On 2/5/2021 7:10 PM, elaine wrote:
Can't make it my car is dead. Suspect I need new spark plugs (sigh). I'll dance and wear a crazy hat while I empty Bells bilgeĀ  ha ha.
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