Worldwide Classic Boat Show -- We're Invited


Got an interesting email yesterday. Might be worth participating. I'll know more next week. But they sure know how to get my attention. Look who's right in front on their sample page! :o) (see attachment)

"I wanted to let you know that we'll be featuring Oregon Coots at the Worldwide Classic Boat Show - online from February 19th-28th.

"We have created an entire page for Oregon Coots, using the information we could find online, and we expect thousands of people will see it over the course of the Show.

"There is no fee for being featured at the show - we're simply trying to utilize our extensive global reach here at Off Center Harbor to provide a boost to the field of classic & wooden boats while so many organizations are struggling during the pandemic. Tickets to the show are just $5."

Ben, Maynard, Bill, Eric, and Steve
Co-founders, Off Center Harbor and the Worldwide Classic Boat Show"

John <>
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