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I'd like to see some footage of what's going on in the wheelhouse when Thunder Child land after flying through the air off of the top of a wave. <g> Somewhere I saw a video of a new RNLI lifeboat being tried out by the crew at her assigned station. There were shots inside the wheelhouse of smiling lifeboatmen sitting in sprung seats with what looked like at least a couple of feet of travel! :o) But the boat wasn't flying through the air like Thunder Child. <g>

The Thunder Child video doesn't give much time to what happens when the waves get to bad for flying through the air. Mentioning that the boat just tries to get along slowly and keep her crew safe. I'll bet it's a handful in a following sea with that fat ass...

BTW, the RNLI is an interesting organization. Almost all the lifeboatmen and lifeboatwomen (or are they all "lifeboatmen" whatever their sex, like all commercial fishermen?) are volunteers, and the Institution is a charity. It's also something that the Irish and English agree on. ;o)

On 2/2/2021 10:50 PM, Jove wrote:
This is "thunder child" a high speed ocean rescue and interceptor.
Designed and built in Cork, where I went to college, although I only learned of these guys after I left for the USA.
More boats bouncing over big waves from the safety of my couch. :) <>
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