Re: COVID was Now We Know Somebody Else With the COVID

Case Turner

Excellent job Andy!

Be cautious though as being immune. One of our husband and wife clients both caught it back in April after attending a dinner party. Both had it pretty bad, lingering effects for months. They both have been diligent since with distancing and mask wearing doing all the right things. A few weeks ago she had to fly back east for work for a week-long meeting. Two days after returning she lost smell and taste again and is now having respiratory issues again.

Stay safe,


On Tue, Jan 5, 2021 at 11:14 AM Andrew Linn <alinn@...> wrote:
This stuff is gettin' weird. I gotta do what I can.

Hey, everybody. I don't know if this is fact or not, but I have been
taking vitamin D supplements for years and there have been several
reports that people with low vit D have a hard time with COVID. Now that
could be because when you go outside and move around, you get exposed to
sunlight and therefore get vit D, and getting outside and moving around
is usually an indicator of a generally healthy person. OR it could be
that vit D is some kind of magic.

either way, wear your masks and take vit D.

On 1/5/2021 10:57 AM, Jove Lachman-Curl wrote:
> Andrew, that is really kind of you....You now for a period of time,
> have a superpower.
> I just learned last night that a close friend in Eugene has it as of
> yesterday, aches, sweats, fever so far. He's in his 30s so we hope it
> won't be to bad.
> I have a lot of family in the UK, Numbers in Wales are 10x the US
> average and 20x the Lane county numbers,
> They have the 2 new strains which are accelerating infection rates. I
> think It'll be an interesting year again.
> Stay safe all!


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