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Good photo essay, Andrew. That was a fun messabout, even though I probably got eaten alive by mosquitoes. Lon was sure good about providing mosquitoes. ;o)

I've gotta mention that the crane-on-a-barge you encountered on your way to Quinn's Cove was a "spud barge". One of those fun nautical terms like "snotter" that Coots should pepper their conversations with, just to sound salty. ;o)

Here are my photos from the 2007 Solstice Messabout:

On 1/5/2021 7:37 AM, Andrew wrote:
I like Bob's attitude. He is fun to be around. In 2007, we were at at Summer Solstice messabout at Quinn's Cove, and Greg S., Bob, and I decided to make a beer run to St. Helens in my Weekender, the Queen Boadicea.
Here's my writeup on that Please wear your mask. This sh*t is real.
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