Re: Any Authors Out There?

Roger Padvorac

For the most part, writers and editors have different personalities, and you have a writer personality.
You have interesting knowledge about a wide variety of boating subjects, and have opinions about many aspects of life.
What you need is an editor to turn some of your verbal meanderings into essays.
For instance, you know more about sailing in wind tunnels than most people do, especially since most people haven't heard of this. By this I mean sailing on the Columbia or Strait of Juan de Fuca. There are other wind-tunnel rivers like this and it would be good for people to know about this before they go sailing in them.
Yes, people usually say you go sailing on a river. However, if its a wind tunnel, you are sailing in the tunnel, and if you are inexperienced, you have a good chance of sailing in the river.
People who are interested in everything about sailing would find an essay about this to be interesting, even if they won't ever go sailing in a location like this.
* * * *
I'm at the opposite end of the human spectrum from editors.
While I'm good at technical writing, I find arm-waving, populist, political writing to be a lot more fun.
I'm the kind of person who survived their last year in the marines by going to a lot of Grateful Dead concerts, including an amazing all-weekend concert on the shore of the Pacific Ocean. If I'd reenlisted, they would have sent me to officers candidate school so there was less people I could be insubordinate to.
I'm discovering its impossible for me to write a fair description of the kind of personality, who highly values the correct use of grammar. I haven't gotten along well with editors in the past. Maybe I haven't had the chance to work with a truly talented editor.
All I can say is that we would have very little worth reading, without editors, and so they provide an essential role in society. Yes, this is damning with faint praise, but its the best I can do. Meticulous attention to grammar is incompatible with a deadhead marine, who thinks being a demagogue would be fun :)
* * * *
Lots of people write very badly, and a good editor is how they end up being published. There is a short list of fiction writers that I reread, and several of them praise the support they received from their editor, so I know good editors are out there, somewhere.
What you need is to find a person, not like me, to turn you into a published writer.

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> The TSCA magazine is in need of articles. Don't be shy, they've even
> printed stuff Andrew wrote. ;o)
> Alas, I have enough trouble just answering my email... <sigh>
> "Andy Wolfe is still/always/again looking for material for the Ash
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> stories or pix of chapter activities or individual members' activities,
> please send them to Andy at
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> your members as well.
> "Don't forget that the Ash Breeze is largely what YOU as TSCA chapters
> and members make of it.  Send Andy material ANY TIME, and it will likely
> get in the next issue.  Don't worry too much about deadlines; there will
> always (we hope) be an upcoming issue!
> "John Weiss
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