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Chief Redelk over on the Duckworks group has used Titebond II for a lot of "off the label" uses. He's used it with various fabrics, and also, thinned, as a primer on bare wood under latex paint. Apparently the key, as it were, for using it as a primer is to wait until the goo is _almost_ set, then slapping on the paint. His boats have lasted well in northern Louisiana, but he stores them under cover, and they only get wet when he uses them.

That's not a typo -- Titebond II. It's cheaper and easier to find in Louisiana than Titebond III. Some other folks over on the DW group have also experimented with using Titebonds in unusual ways. I'd only use it as anything other than glue on a boat I wasn't putting much money and effort into:

On 11/27/2020 11:31 AM, Jim C wrote:
I was looking at home made campers on YouTube & there was someone coating his plywood with watered down titebond 3 then covering it with a bed sheet then more watered down titebond. He then painted it. The finish was rough. I can visualize all of it peeling off in a couple of years. I know titebond is a great glue, but this good? Anyone ever done this?
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