Latest depth camera stuff again !! New shielded wiring to come along


First off, I got a refund on the other underwater video cam yesterday.  It did not have the zoom lens as I wanted, and the screen was slightly damaged in shipping.  I keep it, so I can give it away which is better than a throwing it out, later this coming year most likely at a show.   New one from another source with ZOOM video will be here before boating season, good on that but slow China delivery.  Cost is $40., vs, $82,or more in US, sooo, in winter no contest.  New one will also have removable pickup, so I can take it inside, or have backup remote pickups for different uses. 

Docking, or fishing, or lost underwater gear searching come to mind.  Yes, the water needs to be clear, but new one has 8 -bright led and dimmable lights, plus a camera with chip slot chip built in, for underwater looking around.  Where did the sunken homes get to, the giant Salmon or Sturgeon in the Siuslaw --  or those darn pilings upstream of Toledo, that I hit  ???  I might even try threading the needle at east Dexter on a good day.

While I'm here, I added a 50 ft. roll of four shielded 18 ga. wires as upgraded instrument wiring, with the well grounded shield cover to be put in Surprise when the weather warms.  The electric drive throws off my depth finder picture over 1 mph.  Might not help the above camera either.  So, when done all essential electrics will be rewired inside shielded cabling. As an afterthought, I'm looking for a split shielding to cover depth finder factory sensor cabling.  All this is a grade A pain to do, but a good idea with all the electronics now coming along.  Probably need to call Bob Larkin or Myles Tweete on this subject, but I think the decent size wire will make this install robust enough.  Wish I could get the boat inside the garage for this, but gotta love the propane heater and wall tarp  !!

Days getting along, so me too,   Cal

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