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Teresa Pittman

I haven't pulled things together to donate Lon's boat books to the Maritime Museum. I think this might be a better home for them. I'll try and get them all in one place.

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On Nov 21, 2020, at 1:30 AM, John Kohnen <> wrote:

The Retired Old Geezers at the Toledo Boathouses are going to be building a floating maritime library! :o) 20' x 20' with solar power, climate control and natural lighting. Due to the winter COVID surge, the project is going to take longer to complete than the rosy goal in the message below, but we hope it'll be well along by the time Bud retires in January.

Yes, Bud is retiring as Port Manager! <gasp>

I think we should donate all the books in the Coots' Lending Library to the Toledo Maritime Library. We'll have access to all the books during normal library hours, and we may even get a key or two for the Coots.

The Maritime Library still needs funding. Even if you can only give a little, your donation will be evidence of broad support for the Library, which'll help with shaking loose grants and business donations. This is a Worthy Project. You can send a check to the Port of Toledo with "Maritime Library Fund" on the note line to:

Maritime Library fund
Port of Toledo
PO Box 428
Toledo Oregon 97391

I'm writing my check right now. :o)


"Toledo Maritime Library

"Concept: Floating Library/reading room to supplement the Community Boathouse facilities. Completely free of all ties to the shore (power, water). Solar powered with enough energy to control heat and humidity. The roof would be sloped to take advantage of natural light and angle solar panels to power the facility. Windows would be arranged to provide filtered natural light, without allowing direct sunlight on the book shelf area.

"Structure - see attached sketch/plans

"Overview: The Toledo Community Boathouse Library will be a building used to house marine related books and boat plans. The books and plans will be available for people to borrow free of charge. Books and plans will also be able to be reviewed in the facility at the facility.

"The library will be open whenever the boathouse or boat shop are staffed with volunteers, typically on Thursdays throughout the year from 10:00 - 2:00 with additional hours in the summer on Thursdays from 10:00 - 6:00 and Sundays from 12:00 - 4:00 between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

"Construction of the facility will be a combined effort of the Port of Toledo staff and Volunteers from the Toledo Community Boathouse. The floating base of the building will be built at the Port of Toledo Boatyard. Once constructed, the float will be moved to the docks at the Toledo Community Boatshop where the volunteers will complete the construction of the facility.

"Ongoing maintenance will be incorporated into the current processes used for the two buildings already in use.

"We have access to many of the materials for this project which will come from recycled sources. We need $8000 to complete the project. Our goal is to have the funds raised by the end of November and have the building completed by the end of January.

"Fundraising activities will include a plea to the general public via social media. If need be we will apply for grants from businesses and organizations who have helped support our other programs at the Toledo Community Boathouse."

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