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Good suggestion, Josh. But they don't tell us much on their Web site about what they carry:;q=sinew*

In addition to the test weight, and whether or not it's braided, or waxed, there seem to be three materials used for artificial sinew: polypropylene, which doesn't stretch much at all; polyester, which stretches a little; and nylon, which stretches quite a bit. When they say "poly" what do they mean? Polyester and polypropylene are quite different. <shrug> Choices, choices... <sigh> They probably all work well enough. In other kinds of lashing and seizing I haven't noticed that the tarred nylon seine twine I use loosens from the stretch of the nylon. I think most of the stretch is taken out when tightening the turns, and the elasticity might even grip tighter. Andrew probably never even reads the label, and his boats don't fall apart. ;o);ref=nb_sb_noss_1

On 11/21/2020 2:47 PM, Josh wrote:
Leather supply places like Tandy's. I have some but not enough for a project like that.
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