Re: winch or capstan suggestion?

David Luckhardt

I have a very similar problem with my Caledonia Yawl with a driveway a bit steeper but boat much lighter.  Tried that same HF winch with a 110->12v adapter and it takes SEVERAL LIFETIMES to winch it that far  -- far too much hassle.


Consider these options:

1.  An electric trailer dolly.  These come up on Craigslist fairly often in the $500-800 range, and the ones with the 110 extension cord might be able to handle that much weight and angle.  Test carefully as you'll get hurt if it can't hold on the driveway surface!

2.  Front tow hitch.  This might give you the ability to put it in the right spot to switch back to the rear hitch, depending on a lot of factors.

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