winch or capstan suggestion?

Mark Neuhaus

Hi group,

My Tolman skiff on the trailer is 25 feet long and the street in front of my house is 24 feet wide, so no way can I back the trailer up my driveway.

So, anyone got a suggestion for a 110 volt winch that I can anchor into the driveway? Or even attach it to the trailer so I can turn it on and off as I steer the trailer up using a tri-pod of casters under the tongue.  I've got a harbor freight 12 volt winch, but it supposedly can only be used for 15 seconds at a time with too much time in between to cool off.

The boat/trailer combo weighed 2700 pounds empty when picked up in April and my driveway rises maybe four feet over a fifty foot run.

I've considered capstans and rope, and attached is a screen capture from a  video of a homemade one:

If you've got one of those right angle gears you want to sell cheap, or know of a place to get one, that would be great.


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