Re: After Thanksgiving paddle


We should skip the After Thanksgiving float. The float isn't just a bunch of individual boaters that happen to be on the river at the same time, it's also a social event where we eat pizza and BS. We couldn't in good faith use the Toledo Boathouse for shelter for the pizza feed. Also, we'd have to arrange shuttling tow rigs from Cannon Quarry to the Airport Ramp.

Let's hope the weather is cold, wet and windy on the 28th, so we won't feel so bad about not doing the float. ;o)


Take care of yourselves.

On 11/13/2020 2:09 PM, elaine wrote:
I just heard that Governor Brown has set a stay home order shut down for 2 weeks starting on the 18th. This will be during the holiday and the Thanksgiving paddle. Is this going to cancel another fun day on the water?
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