Re: Battery pack replacement at 4 Years boating

David Luckhardt

Thanks for all the excellent data on electric power, Cal!  Sorry to hear about your charging malfunction -- that's gotta be one expensive experience!

Somewhat inspired by Master Kohnen's lady's Sprinter RV at Paulina years ago, we've managed to pick up a high-mileage 2011 short wheelbase Sportsmobile Sprinter Class B and have already used it to tow Goblin up to Humboldt plus a primitive camping trip up Hwy 4 near the crest of the Sierras.

It is all-electric, which was well ahead of the current all-electric trend in small RVs, but means that the original battery bank of two Interstate 62 Ah batteries plus the starter battery isn't enough to heat up the small 6 gallon electric water heater.  The house batteries are ancient and need replacement, so once that's done we'll have more juice and might be able to take a shower without having to run the diesel for 20 minutes.


We don't have Bi-Mart down here, but do you have any other recommendations for 100 Ah AGM house batteries for a small RV?  The starter battery under the driver's feet provides all the cranking power we need, so these can be used for running the fridge, water heater, and interior LED lights.  We're using a propane stove and Mr. Heater Buddy for now, as the vehicle has no heat of any kind other than what the dash in the cab provides. The two old house batteries are 62 Ah but I'm hoping the system can handle upgrading to two 100-115 Ah deep cycle AGMs without problems.


I'd LOVE to move to the sexy new LiFeP04 batteries, but the complexities of the alternator charging and solar input are putting me off -- as well as the cost of changing out the solar controller, possibly the inverter controller, possibly the alternator charging system or adding another controller to avoid over-charging the LiFeP04 house batteries, etc etc etc.



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