Battery pack replacement at 4 Years boating


Just as a note on battery life.  The oldest pack of 2 bi-Mart # 27 deep cycles would have hit 4 years in December this year.   Those came from my cabin cruiser to Surprise -- so I'm going by the sale stickers on the case.  That's fine as I probably powered up too fast a lot over the years.  What I would say is that I got good service from them with no problems, at a price of under $100 bucks each.   Planning on doing the next oldest pair soon, then I'll be ready for the coming season with max. cruise range.   That's a reasonable cost for electric boating, with zero other problems.

The why now ?? Question.  I had a malfunction on my trickle charger, it shorted out somehow, and just maintained a full on trickle for about a week, 24-- 7 on .  Overloaded the cells to death, than sat there with warm batteries way too long,  First time for that, but it was on my 4 battery pack so all need replaced before any major use.  For now i'll use the old 2 battery and 2 packs system, like over several years.  Sending back the 24v.  battery minder for service, find out what went wrong.

Just a note for battery cost ideas, be seeing you ---- Cal

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