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Good looking boat, Bob.

The Goat Island Skiff is a sporty boat, but not a death trap. ;o) David G got caught by an unexpected jibe on the Columbia and got wet, and he's got a special talent. <g> Jerry had a rambunctious dog along who may have helped him capsize on Timothy Lake. The boat has got a big sail, so you have to be careful when the wind pipes up. Set Friends and Family up so you can easily reef her, and don't be ashamed to reef early and often. See my sig.

Start out learning to sail Friends and Family in light breezes, or with the sail reefed. You probably don't need to pay someone to teach you to sail. Show up at some messabouts and the Coots will be glad to get you started, then you just sail and sail, learning all along. I've never stopped learning. :o)

It would have been nice to meet you at the lunch Thursday, but it is a long drive. We'll see you at a Coot get-together in the future. Usually we have our Coot lunches around Albany or Corvallis, but John McC desperately needs to get some social interaction and doesn't want to get far from home.

On 10/20/2020 11:43 AM, Smilin' Bob wrote:
Thank you for responding to my inquiry, John.
I have attached a photo of SV Friends and Family taken while in the middle of the build.
To judge by your photos, I may be in for a prolonged period of learning to prevent or recover from a capsize. My sail has 3 sets of reef points. The lesson plan will include their frequent use. The foot of the sail is laced, therefore this boat has a nicely bending boom which should dump most of the dangerous wind. 4 collapsible five-gallon water jugs will serve as ballast. Who knows; maybe the lessons will include the building of something beamier like a Welsford Houdini or Navigator.
Please let me know of any impromptu creek, river, or bay sails that may materialize; I'll check the Coot calendar for the remainder. However, the Corps of Engineers has emptied many of the lakes; it's clear that the sailing season is mostly finished.
I won't make it to the Thursday meeting but look forward to meeting the Coots.
John <>
Any fool can carry on, but a wise man knows how to shorten sail in time. (Joseph Conrad)
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