Re: Coot Lunch Thursday at Fern Ridge


Hi, John,  Figured i'd do lunch today at Orchard point.  A bit shallow for Surprise, so the scooter looks like an option, as the seat is built in har de har !!  I did get the new amp gauge in yesterday, and looking at a better depth camera now.  As before, here's hoping to point the camera to avoid most surface image clutter, and get a good bow image.

Hooked up to test, the new amp gauge is working sweet, but needs some mounting work for a better looking install.  The instrument power line needs redoing at some point, too light a wire, but a ton of trouble to replace it.    
I plan on being there early, as i'll be on a "day ride" as feels good,  Wish there were a bit more water, might have to head for the coast to boat now.

Later,   Cal

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