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Thank you for responding to my inquiry, John. 

I have attached a photo of SV Friends and Family taken while in the middle of the build. 
To judge by your photos, I may be in for a prolonged period of learning to prevent or recover from a capsize. My sail has 3 sets of reef points. The lesson plan will include their frequent use. The foot of the sail is laced, therefore this boat has a nicely bending boom which should dump most of the dangerous wind. 4 collapsible five-gallon water jugs will serve as ballast. Who knows; maybe the lessons will include the building of something beamier like a Welsford Houdini or Navigator.

Please let me know of any impromptu creek, river, or bay sails that may materialize; I'll check the Coot calendar for the remainder. However, the Corps of Engineers has emptied many of the lakes; it's clear that the sailing season is mostly finished. 

I won't make it to the Thursday meeting but look forward to meeting the Coots.

Be well,
Bob Choderker

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Welcome aboard, Bob. You're very welcome to join us for lunch Thursday,
but it's gonna be a small gathering, for not very long, so it might not
be worth a drive from Salem.

A Goat Island Skiff! :o) They're nice boats, but kinda sporty. Ask David
and Jerry. <g> Do you have a reef in the sail? If so, you'll probably
want to start out with the sail reefed, until you get used to the boat.
Learning to sail is pretty easy, and you do it by sailing, which is fun.
:o) Do you have any photos of your boat to share with us?

Is the boat set up for rowing, or do you have a motor? You may want to
join us for the Yaquina River floats coming up soon:

On 10/18/2020 5:20 PM, Smilin' Bob wrote:
> Hello, Mr. Kohnen:
> Would this be a good meeting for a prospective member who lives in Salem
> and wants to become acquainted with the Coots? I have just completed the
> building of a Goat Island Skiff for myself and family. Hopefully someone
> there can recommend a person I may hire for sailing lessons.

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