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Photos? Plans? I'm glad you're getting back into boatbuilding, Andy.

The prototype Yaquina canoe was launched about 8 years ago and, despite being a bit worn from years of hard use in the Toledo Boathouse livery, and during the boat shows, is still usable. Pint-size persons particularly like it, but it's probably more suitable for grown-ups than the numerous Wee Lassie clones. The Willamette wil, probably be a better solo canoe for Ol' Coots like me, and will also let you take somebody along with you.

Alas, the Yaquina canoe plans are in limbo while Doug, one of the Retired Old Geezers, puts together a new Web page for the Boathouses. I shoulda saved the Boathouse plans myself while they were still available. <sigh>

On 10/12/2020 5:15 PM, Andrew wrote:
Hey, guys. I'm kinda back. A guy at work has been wanting to learn boat building so I built a SoF canoe with him, a 15.5' version of my Yaquina design. I don't like how it came out, so I re-examined the design, and now I've made it better.
To my mind, this is the first "extendable" SoF design. Using the same frame pattern, you can get an 11.5' solo canoe (the Yaquina), 15.5' tandem canoe (Willamette), and  an 18.5' tandem + canoe (Columbia.)
It's dead boring: totally symmetrical, completely flat (no rocker) and completely utilitarian. Ugliest canoe you'll use every time you get on the water.
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