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Richard Green

Brandon, I’m reminded of a couple who were in the Oregonian 25 years ago or so.  Full page send off in the interest section.  They spent ten years building the boat and preparing.  Sailed to San Francisco and she hated it so they sold the boat and flew everywhere they’d wanted to sail to.  

My dream now is to get the 13’ Livingston in my driveway fully repaired, primed, painted and ready for Hagg Lake!  The far horizon, no boundaries….!!!  Using Citristrip to strip the bad paint off the bottom.  Some holes filled, keels looked like the boat had fallen off the trailer on the freeway at seventy mph.  But I like the size, it’s scarce and the trailer, albeit painted, is excellent and I have a 3.5 Tohatsu to drive it around.  Stable enough even for a geezer.


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I wish them luck. Sailing around the world was my dream since I was 13 and read the account of Robin Lee Graham in National Geographic. It narrowed down over the years to just the parts of the Pacific with coconut trees. 

This story reminds me of an article in the Newport fish wrap. They made a big deal about a couple who had fixed up a ketch and were off to sail around the world. They left Newport and both the men got so sea sick they returned less than a day later and never untied the dock lines again. 

Sounds like this couple will at least make it to Mexico. Bon voyage my friends!

Oceanus, 1971 Columbia 43

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