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I wasn't as patient as you, Brandon. I waited a few years for the book to be old enough to have some used copies for sale, then went looking. What I found was somebody selling one in "new" condition still in the wrapper for $1,000! And some other one being sold as if the book was a rare collectors' item. Just for kicks I looked on Amazon and found an unused copy, still in the wrapper, sold as new, for $50, I think. Maybe $75. A lot less than $1,000 anyway, and the other prices I'd seen for used copies!

Well worth the price I paid. A fascinating book, but not without flaws and omissions. Too bad it's unlikely that there will ever be an updated edition. It didn't sell well, and you can still find new ones:


On 9/14/2020 9:38 AM, Brandon F wrote:
I picked up a copy of The Encyclopedia of Yacht Designers. When it was published in 2006 it cost $250. I got a used one in near perfect shape for about $30 with shipping. That is about a dollar a pound.
It’s a wonderful work of art. Lots of photos and drawings. When I pick it up hours can go by before I put it down.
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