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I'm glad your son got out OK, Steve. I heard something on the radio yesterday about people waiting in a sports field somewhere for rescue by helicopter. I guess it was your son and the other firefighters.

Seeing that Blue River burned really brought home the destruction of these wildfires. This wasn't some distant place that was only a dot on a map. Blue River was always there, though I rarely went through it anymore since They put in the highway bypass. The Cougar Room. Those cabins on the west side of town where the druggies lived -- Rock-a-Bye Cottages? They were full of "respectable" pot smoking and acid dropping hippies in the Old Days. <g> I guess those were gone already. The Cougar Room burned and the Cottages were torn down as nuisances. Memories of a misspent youth... Authorities are warning us to "expect deaths" in the Blue River area. <sigh>

Coots Kay Patteson and Joe Nelson live in the woods near Colton. I heard there's been an evacuation order for some of that area. I tried to call Kay a few minutes ago and got no answer. I hope she's OK and that her property will be spared. Joe lives a few miles east of Kay.

On 9/9/2020 6:11 AM, Steve M wrote:
My son in law was one of the Eugene firemen trapped yesterday up by Blue River surrounded by the fire.  Pretty scary day.  They had no radio since the towers had burned.  And too windy to fly helicopters in to them.  My daughter got a call from a department Captain.   The call she dreads.  She was sure he was dead.  All of them are now safe.  Other crews had to clear 25 miles of down trees, burned trees and power lines to get the firemen and sheriff deputies out.
He said they saved the school and a few houses but everything else is gone in Blue River.  Please send any extra prayers to the firemen and folks who have lost so much.
Steve Miller
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