Re: This Saturday: Sauvie's Island Circumnavigation Planning Meeting

Mark Neuhaus


On Saturday, September 5, 2020, elaineginader <elaineginader@...> wrote:

Hey Mark please remember Belle Starr needs at least 6' clearance I'd hate to get stuck.

Yep, my comment about the bridge was with you in mind.  Of course, if we moored partway up the slough, it would be easy to backtrack to the river and avoid the bridge. It may be that low water is just as much a problem. That slough may not be a good place to go.

I'll be curious to see what the planning committee decides for stops on the river stretch.  I believe Sand Island at St. Helens is easily reachable from Caterlillar Island in a day, I'm just not sure of any good spots to stop between them, if need be.  Myles, any suggestions?


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