Re: This Saturday: Sauvie's Island Circumnavigation Planning Meeting

Mark Neuhaus


I had to laugh at your 'tirade', as you were echoing everything I've thought about that cove.  I saw those signs way back in 2009 when Pat, Terry, and I passed by it on our way around Sauvie Island after the messabout.  And when I started my facilities update project, I looked at Google map imagery all along the river to Illwaco looking for points of interest. I was surprised to see Island Cove RV Park and Cove Marina listed there. I had hoped to stop in the other day by water, but we ended up going the channel route north instead. So, I figured when I drove to St.  Helens in the next week or so, I would swing by the place and ask about mooring there.  Richard saved me the trouble.

I like your idea of gunkholing in the cove, but the shoaling and possible low water may not agree. Hey, what if we anchor our fleet just inside the mouth, sort of a blockade? 😀

John, as we went north back in 2009, we pulled into Bachelor Slough for lunch and eventually continued around the island to Ridgefield.  The chart shows that slough as very shallow but we had no problem in our boats.  The bridge would have been a problem for taller boats than ours.  Perhaps I can zoom up there in the next week or so if anyone would like a current (no pun intended) assessment.


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