Re: This Saturday: Sauvie's Island Circumnavigation Planning Meeting


Are the PYC's Willow Bar docks open to the public? Is that it up that slough behind what I assume is Willow Bar in the attached chart snippet?

On 9/2/2020 7:41 AM, Rich G wrote:
I’ve circumnavigated Sauvie island a few times in different boats including one trip at close to 40 mph in a old friend’s boat, still have nightmares.  Willow Bar, a pooka on the Columbia side used to be ‘just a moorage’ until the PYC bought it for a destination for their members.  I moored my Columbia 21 there for eleven dollars a month.  Ten minutes from parking and you were “out to sea” in the Columbia, mid island.  Spent a couple summers there, the best small boat sailing on the entire lower river.  Winds all summer blowing upstream so tack down to St Helens, run back to Kelly point.  Anchor and swim in to the Marshall Beach Tavern a bit upstream from Willow Bar, clam strips and shoot pool…until it burned to the ground a couple years later.
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