Re: Thanks Coots, getting started on "stuff"


What I always liked doing, in lighter morning or evening airs was simple and effective. With Windsong, my Atomic 4 at 25 hp., ticking at around 600 to 900 rpm helped take water resistance away, plus prop drag and made ghosting along in the am run to Catalina isl. a lot more fun.  Same with my lapstrake sailer, the MinnK barely churning in the morning helped get offshore and get back as the wind moderated --  without noise and fuss with sail gear. 

Just as info. -- I still have a couple Lido 14 size sails in the bag.  I could easy set up a "mini mast" and do some sailing too.  The rudder is deep and larger for the twin motors, kicks up also.  The addition would be a side mounted leaboard  with weights and a reinforced pivot block, again not a big deal.  I would bet that my Chesapeake flat bottom  hull shape would do well, better without  part of the battery lead !!  I keep thinking about a wishbbone rig.  Anchoring to the gunnels at 4 ft. wide, and tall as the sail allows that to lie aft, sail comes down in the cockpit if dropped by releasing the fore stay rope, loose footed, (furling??) wire luff, sounds like I need to reread a few books.  Another way to possibly not dismiss wind or ev  power, but that doesn't require rowing the last mile.  Power at 3 mph -- sail at 3 mph, -- row at 3 mph  was the way my lighter lapstrake handled everything, from one seat.  Couldn't take 2 people in good seats though, like Surprise does.

Heading out,   Cal

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