Re: Table saw notes.


Carson's does all kinds of sharpening. I go there most often to get a lawnmower blade sharpened.

On 9/3/2020 12:01 PM, Jove wrote:
I've not used Carson saw yet,
The mexican food cart there is indeed good, I've eaten there several times.

If a carbide blade is from a good manufacturer it might be worth having
its bad teeth replaced. I go to Carson's saw shop, on Blair between 6th
and 7th in Eugene, for my sharpening needs. They go all ga-ga over my
old Freud blade when I bring it in, but they reluctantly replaced some
teeth on a Grizzly blade after I did the math and concluded that it was
enough cheaper to fix the cheapo blade instead of buying another.
They say that the Mexican food stand parked out front is real good too,
but I haven't tried them yet...
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