Re: Table Saw Blues --- Burnt out motor !!


I had no idea useful battery table saws existed:

But I'm lucky enough to have a place to plug in a saw.

I sure do love cordless drills and impact drivers, though. :o) Chuck the Duck told me that there was no reason to get anything bigger than the 12 volt (nominal) ones, and he was right. Plenty of power and handier than the bigger ones. I think the big ones are marketed towards the same sort of men who drive huge pickups and put great big motors on their boats. <g> Chuck was also right that once I tried on of the impact drivers I'd fall in love with it. ;o) I went with a Makita set, and haven't been sorry. The same batteries power my mini-vac and a little bitty circular saw.

On 9/2/2020 7:43 PM, Case wrote:
When we sold our last house that had a shop I sold all my big floor saws.
I now have all Deealt battery operated gear. Chop saw, table saw, drills, etc.
Really like all of them.
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