Thanks Coots, getting started on "stuff"


I see Jove got me to relook at the gauge, I installed it yesterday.  I used a bridge that was there all ready, so just double the voltage figures, easy to do.  Same for the larger amp draw gauge, ordered a convenient rated unit, so both can be looked at and read as a 12 volt setup,  As i mentioned, when under clear water easy cruise. solo minimum weight to push it also works, I think.  Plan is to periodically change from one 80 lb. thrust single to the other to minimize wear factors, cruise then should be pretty good with all 4 batts,. on one motor at a time.

When Myles Swift and I at the very first trial used my 40 lb clamp on Minn Kota at Dexter, we had a great time.  Same at first Fern Ridge trip, clamp on 40 lb. --  big ol' stick handle up in the air, no other power needed. So, back to the beginning, using one 80 lb., like the one on John Kohnens sail boat, coupled to 4 series 27's and the "close "enough for now" gauges ought to run for quite a while.  I might even try the original 2 blade props, since one 3 blade prop shut down, has more drag.  For testing, I plan on the same 2 - 24 volt packs and see if the in water range gets extended by much, using each alone -- so the reserve power is still there, for now.

Still planning on that genset, or back up pack, since I own two extra batts. for later options.   That should give me (estimate here)  from notes in summary -- 15 amp. is 2.8 mph --  then jumps to 20 amps at  3.1 mph.  -- 30 amps at 3.6 so that is not so hot.  That's with both motors, cut that close to half draw, don't add more speed to compensate over 3 mph.   Does 10/12 amps at about 3.0 mph one motor running make sense, in the right weather and load??   I'm an optimist of course, so a repeated testing at Dexter looks to be a good step, soon as the easier reading wider scale amp meter comes in next week. 

PS, older Honda (small) 400 gensets do NOT use standard fuses, odd special sizes from 1978 types.  I ordered mini blade type fuse holders to take modern fuses, some stuff can not be predicted !!

Later, Coots time for home chores, lunch with John K. here, yay !! ---  Cal

Anyhoo!!  That is the plan, as always observations are welcome 

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