Re: Gauge Number from eBay ---- Wiring question, about 24 volt and "bridges" -- update for today


If you are running 80A, a 100A shunt is fine.  If you run a bit more than 100A it will just heat a little and that's OK for short periods.

I like to keep a shunt and meter around for testing and setting things up.  A meter made for panel mount is generally not so practical, generally needs voltage too, so I just use a shunt and my digital voltmeter.  The photo attached is a 50A 50mv shunt:  each mv read across the shunt is an amp.  I just wire it into whatever circuit I want to measure.

I don't know why 75mv shunts seem prevalent.  ?? Makes the reading an odd factor of amps, ie 75mv = 100A.  So how many amps is 32mv.........??

Remember, a shunt is just a precision resistor.  If you want to measure small currents just go buy a 1% resistor of the appropriate value from the electronic supply house and use the same way as in the photo.

John A

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