Re: Gauge Number from eBay ---- Wiring question, about 24 volt and "bridges" -- update for today


Hi, Jove --- My motors are rated at 80 amps EACH full whup!!  That's a lot of drain, so I don"t do that.  If my gauge reads 10, that's a 20 amp draw.  Previous cruise was really 40 amps Up till the other day.   I was unaware of that high draw fact.  Now I plan on lowering the draw to say 15 amps, and see how I like the range.  "The range", "run time" etc. has to be longer, but every trip is depending on variables, what I need to get into is at what point do I turn back to the dock -- safely ??  New bigger batts will be a help when all is finished, and other options tried.

20 amps in 8 hours, that would be great, but I'm not there yet.  At full20 amps aver. per hr.  --- both banks as one, might make 4 hours plus a bit below battery good sense discharge rate.  Charlie called to say that we might get closer at 15 amps, both banks linked, --- ah, no reserve doing that.  However, just finished some wire-redo from gotta finish mode !!  I kept the old amp meter on when charging, before today.   The 24 to 12 volt reducer had then been left on whenever charging.  That  equipment drain was constant, an unwise procedure as it was the whole reduction setup always on, and staying hot to the touch. 

I simply unplugged the ciggie light, and the whole system went cool, the new voltage light now lights up, and works fine.  No more extra leakage, the meter works, and four power transfer points are now rebuilt a bit better.  That's more like it, fixed that drain.  Charlie is bringing some gear to test stuff, then off to Dexter tomorrow.  Yet today I plan on a note card as to what I SHOULD do to preserve batteries.  I like to run at 4 to 5 mph, but not possible with two coots, so will be trying 3 to 4 max mph.  Not much difference, maybe I can learn to go that slow.  I plan on the new batteries to have a second pair in a month or two, then I can change the whole thing out. . 

Meanwhile it works, a good deal !!  ----  Cal 

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