Table Saw Replies


First off, thanks to all who responded on this, I read the notes, and finally pulled out the motor so I could see it closely.  The black cover was a built in gear belt drive with the 15 amp motor,   Very compact, and replacements are spendy !!  However the 1 inch plus belt had worn off the teeth totally, so tension alone ran the saw blade.  I just got he last belt available on order from the supplier, got it in this am.  I had new carbon brushes, so those went in, along with a very careful truing process.  Last was a new Diablo combo saw, with  a pair of stabilizers for truing the cut.. Reinstalled the unit by 10 this am, and spun it up.  Whizzed through trial pieces perfectly, easy feed, no chatter so I'm VERY happy to get "er done.  With the hot rod blade less than $75.00 for doing all this.  Now working on a better dust collection system, looking for a cleaner floor -- the cats like to check it out if I don't sweep up good.

Back to the boat, looking at a way to load and plug in the two good extra batteries with a simple way to remove them for shorter runs.  I'm thinking that the original 4 would be one pack, with a way to remove the extra two for most uses.  The new batts then become pack two as they are now, as reserve if needed.  Adds a balance pack charge program    I have chargers to accomodate all those choices in house.  Again versatility in power loading to fit a need, usually just run the two packs of 2 batts. each.  Reduce the cruise speed (as I mentioned earlier) a touch to extend range and I think it will all work out.  Looks like 6 batts. in 3 packs would give me, easy 6 to maybe 8 hours, a long sit !!.  Not much fun in one day, but makes weekend cruises easier.  I Still need hooking up tthe charger with the Honda genset, been wanting to try that out too, needs some wiring though.  Hard part is seeing how much weight is being aade, needs me to be careful with that.

Night all,   ----   Cal

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