Re: Table Saw Blues --- Burnt out motor !!


Cal's saw has the blade bolted right to the motor shaft, and a brushed AC/DC motor. Like a great big portable circular saw bolted to the underside of the table. Not a separate motor with a belt to the arbor like the pricier saws. He was talking about it the other day. My going-on-50-year-old Sears saw has that integral motor and arbor and is still humming along (though brushed motors make more noise). It's kinda scary that I remember when my saw was bought new, by a friend. <g>

You can often find good deals on old table saws. If it's a good make and model, a little fettling and maybe a new fence and you can have got a good saw.

On 8/20/2020 1:54 PM, Jove wrote:
Motors on stationary power tools are usually interchangeable. What is the power rating on the motor?

The cheap table saw off craigslist is often the cheapest way to get a new motor. They are so cumbersome that people put a low price on them to free up space. ...
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