September Columbia Cruise

Mark Neuhaus

Hi gang,

On Monday, August 17, 2020, John Kohnen <jkohnen@...> wrote:

Me and Bob L and Earl decided we're gonna do a circumnavigation of Sauvie's Island next month. Starting September 26th from Fred's Marina, and staying out maybe five nights. We'll see... Details to be worked out later. Anyonhe who likes is welcome to join us.

Okay, then, here is a quick stab at POIs that might be of interest.  

A friend in his Port Townsend skiff and I in my Tolman are heading out tomorrow for a Hayden Island round trip.  Next week, I hope  to head up to Scappoose Bay to see what condition the backwater is in that Terry, Pat, and I stayed in after the summer solstice back in June, 2009. River level is pretty low now, so it may not be a viable stop.

I'm willing to stop, by boat or car, at any other places anyone wants to know about.

In return, maybe someone can take a quick peek at my moorage area (just a quarter mile down channel from Fred's) and explain how to properly dock in and out of an angled berth with wind, tide,  shallow water, and current screwing with me. And a neighboring boat, to boot.  I'm getting tired of seeing all the floating home inhabitants bringing their chairs out to watch major entertainment.  😀


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